Saturday, March 24, 2018

Classy Art

Art projects in Room 8 are looking fantastic with a variety of designs and topics being attempted. The Pop Art has been extremely popular, as has the melted crayon art, despite setting off the fire alarms when using the heat gun. Early art work using micography resulted in a wall display of "Future Leaders" using Time Magazine as our future theme. Pictured below are artists at work and samples of the class art.






Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tech Arts programmes in action

Tech/Arts subjects are always popular with the students, and saw the camera in action around some of the classes with Room 8 students involved. Enjoy! 
Kalen and Thomas at Art

Bella shows off her Art.

Kennedy and Hannah at ICT.

Kennedy and Hannah test out their programmed vehicle.

Anaru at ICT.

Keira works on her programming.

Ateneo works on his programming.

Weiyi with his Co2 car.

Thijs prepares his Co2 racer.

Thomas shows his Co2 car racer.

Hithen and Dylan at Food Tech.

Sarah and Cailyn sort out their chocolates.

Matthew reviews his chocolates at Food Tech. 
Kiana enjoys cooking her pancakes.

Georgia in action in the kitchen.

Weiyi and Thijs with their pancakes at Food tech.

Ben becomes the teacher in his Tech class.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2018 School Swimming Sports

Our school Swimming Sports were held today in sunny and warm conditions at the school pool. Team Kahikatea entered in all the events and were successful in many, with quite a few of our students making and succeeding in finals. Teams all dressed in their colours and expressed themselves with chants and support for their swimmers. Points for participation, team support and success in finals were announced at Assembly, and Team Kahikatea have again been victorious and  rewarded with the pizza lunch promised by our school Principal, Ms Wood. Two of our students were also named as overall Champions: Thomas Burt was Year 8 Boys Champion, and Matthew Emett was named Year 7 Boys Champion. Congratulations boys!
Room 8 Girls lead the team cheer chants.
Ben launches himself down the pool. 
Team Kahikatea.
Thomas gets ready for his next event.
Matthew and Ben await their turn in the relay.
Fun swimming events across the pool.
Fun relays start to get organised.
Year 8 Girls event is underway.
Hannah is off the start line in her next event.
Dani, Kiana and Cailyn await their next opportunity to lead the chants.
Cailyn finishes her backstroke event.
Kayla finishes her backstroke event.
Year 7 relay team ready to go.

Hannah and Cloe ready to swim.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018 New Students